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Supreme Machinery

Supreme’s investment in high-quality machinery means we can offer a superior fabrication product while keeping waste and costs low.

Press Breaks

Supreme Sheetmetals has two press breaks in operation: A 90 tonne Baykel with a 3050 mm fold length, and a 130 tonne NG 120 DYE press break with a 4200 mm length of fold.

Turret Punch

Press Supreme uses a CNC (computer numeric control) Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press, the Muratec Motorum-2044EZ. The 2044EZ uses a toggle mechanism driven by an AC servo motor rather than the hydraulics standard on other turret punch machines.

This allows Supreme to operate the machine at a lower environmental and energy cost, offering up to a 30 percent reduction on the energy consumption of conventional turret punches. The 2044EZ has a 20 ton punching capacity, sufficient to process standard fabricating requirements of punching and forming.